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About Superburro

This new and innovative design is specifically aimed at making the forklift driver's job efficient, safe and easy.

Eliminating manual handling. Many accidents are caused each year by overreaching, overstetching or overbalancing. There are no levers to pull or chains to affix. Our patented system ensures that the driver stays where he is supposed to - in the truck - at all times - and always within his safety shell. The automatic opening and closing action of the base of the container ensures that safe and easy emptying is achieved into skips, compactors and discharge points.

These containers are available in a range of designs, great for storing solid materails, bulk materials, chippings, shavings, offcuts, general and hazardous waste and are fully welded to ensure long life and ultimate performance during rough handling. Ideal for large volumes of dry waste (not suitable for fine powder)

Fast operation. The Superburro has a strong and robust frame with sheet steel sides. Fork channels/pockets for easy transportation. Fully automatic opening and closing mechanism for speedy emptying during the discharge process. Operator safety is therefore not compromised by the driver or operator having to get out of his truck to operate any clumsy levers or awkward opening latch mechanisms. The discharge is steady and controlled. No sudden movements or awkward manoeuvring to worry about.

Use with skips, compactors and discharge points. The base opens with a gentle forward horizontal movement against the side of the skip or compactor which releases the latch to discharge the contents. The base of the container closes automatically when it is placed on the ground. The base opens fully enough to allow the complete emptying of the materials.

The containers for chippings/shavings can have an integrated sump at small additional cost to collect the residues from cutting oils and machine coolants. There is a valve tap to easily drain off the liquids.

If necessary or if required there is an option to be able to stack these waste handling containers 3 or 4 high.

Vesratile. Heavy Duty Castors with brakes and also handles can be fitted to allow personnel to move them around the shopfloor. Can be moved around with hand pallet trucks.

Heat resistant paint can be applied for hot materials.

A range of different sizes (low profile etc. for use under machine discharge points) and capacities allow you complete flexibility for your processes. We make specials and they don't cost the earth.

Lids can be provided if required if you want to provide a closed containment situation. Post box type designs can be accommodated in order to provide a secure deposit of materials.

You should consider the Superburro - automatic waste handling self emptying drop bottom bin - mandatory practice in your recycling procedure and list them as part of your health and safety policy and also in your environmental protection policy and your waste disposal and recycling policies.

Be safe - be seen to be safe - and be secure - in the knowledge that your calculated use of this product will help reduce the likelihood of accident or injury through unsafe practices as well as increasing your productivity and ultimately your profitability.

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