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ESD Workbenches

Industrial Workbenches Picture Gallery (further pics)

Workbenches should have static dissipative or conductive worksurfaces which are grounded or earthed. Any static charge present in tools, components or persons touching the worksurface is then gradually and safely drained away. Damage can occur by too fast a discharge, and for this reason metallic worksurfaces are not recommended.

In practice electrostatic build up in an operator is continuously drained away via a skin contact wrist strap and lead connected to the workbench surface. The worksurface must be earthed or grounded.

Conductive floor mats which are also earthed or grounded are used to conduct electrostatic away from operators approaching the workstation.

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Examples of workbenches for Scotbench clients

Analyser test bench

Analyser test bench

Cantilever assembly test bench

Cantilever esd bench

Cantilever esd printer bench

Control station bench

Debug rework bench

Esd adjustable stand

Esd cantilever bench

Esd workstations with pull-out shelves

Monitoring console

Overhead light tool rail

Square frame bench