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Pallets and Stillages

Scotbench steel pallets and stillages are strong and robust with welded steel construction. If you have a particulary heavy duty or awkward application please ask for assistance.

Using a pallet or stillage reduces manual handling and enables handling in bulk by mechanical means, such as a forklift truck.

A pallet or stillage from Scotbench can provide high density storage for difficult objects offering flexibility and mobility when used in conjunction with appropriate handling systems.

Pallets and stillages allow easy positioning at the workplace and can make work methods more ergonomic for the operator.

A wide variety of stillages are available to suit your needs
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To view prices of the range of pallets and stillages available from Scotbench, click here.

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Available with sheet or mesh sides: to suit various types and sizes of product
Special types and sizes can be readily made: do not hesitate to ask!
Designed to stack up to 4 high - space saving
Generally overall height is effective height +165mm
Ground clearance generally 115mm (or variable to suit)

A standard range of pallets and stillages is available in a wide variety of capacities while at the same time we offer a comprehensive design service for those goods requiring a bit more thought and attention. Our team of designers and engineers will consult with clients, then produce quotations based on these requirements.

Below are some examples of stillages that we have manufactured for specific customer requirements. Click on each thumbnail for description and further images.

Collapsible stillage, click here for more information

Collapsible stillage (2)

Chemical paste pigment container, click here for more information

Chemical paste container

Transit container, click for more information

Transit container

Tyre containers, click here for more information

Tyre containers

Roll insulation stillage, click here for more information

Roll insulation stillage

Axle stillage, click here for more information

Axle stillage

Car body panel stillage, click here for more information

Car body stillage

Chemical storage container, click here for more information

Chemical storage container

Flat pallet, click for more information

Flat pallet

Post pallet, click for more information

Post pallet

Sheet metal storage rack, click for more information

Sheet metal storage rack

If you want a high specification steel fabricated bench or pallet or stillage then you have found it her at Scotbench. We are always ready to work hard to satisfy our clients. We can manufacture from our standard range or we can help you arrive at a solution to satisfy your needs. A range of our products inlude.....Pallets and stillages, steel mesh cages, workbenches, transit containers, waste handling containers and many other types of fabrication. 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