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Yemen Yoyo
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access work platform steps

Low height easy access platform for maintenance. This two-stage, three-sided platform enables maintenance engineers and operators to reach the upper areas of a tall machine more easily and provides a more stable and continuous working surface around the machine than a set of little steps. The unit is moved into position around the machine. In this case the platform pictured is designed to suit a machine 800mm wide x 1000mm deep x 2000mm high. The 500mm high top step allows engineers to access the upper area of the machine easily. The engineers can move freely around the unit without having to step up and down or move steps to a new location. The whole unit is semi-mobile by either spring-loaded castors or retractable castors. Manufactured in light gauge steel and fully welded for greater strength. The treads are available in rubber, non-slip or open grid steel. Finished in a range of colours from our standard range.