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MERLIN HOUSE 5 Cross Way, Hillend Industrial Park, Dalgety Bay, Fife, KY11 9JE Scotland

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About Scotbench


This site has come about from direct requests from potential clients seeking information about our products and existing clients requiring further info on other products. We like trees so we do not have any paper literature on our own manufactured workbenches and the information displayed on this site is here to provide a general overview on our current activities. We are very much a bespoke products company so tend to tailor individual pages to send to prospective clients.

At Scotbench we believe that our clients should get what they want, without compromise. Why settle for an off-the-shelf solution which does not fulfil your needs completely? Our design philosophy of "If it can be drawn, we can build it" results in the right goods for the right job every time.


All of our own manufactured benches are made to order and a design is prepared for the client before we commence manufacture. Our preferred route is to discuss the application with the client and then put forward a design together with costs for their particular requirement. Our clients have found this approach particularly helpful as it ensures that they get a useful, practical and correct solution. Our benches can be categorised by the type of work for which they are required - light duty / standard duty / medium duty / heavy duty and the specific type of work performed at the bench - assembly / re-build / test / inspection / analysis. Worktop types available – laminate 20/22/25/30mm (edged with pvc or postformed), vinyl 20/22/25/30mm, Kronospan 18/22mm, melamine 18/22mm, steel 2/3/6/10/20mm, plywood 12/15/18/25/36mm, mdf 12/18/25mm, etc. ESD protection is available on benches and trolleys.

We would be delighted to assist you with your requirement for workbenches no matter where your location. However we do not have personal sales representation in some areas so these enquiries are dealt with using modern types of verbal and written communication. Some indeed prefer that we do not make personal visits and we are happy to liase with them remotely. We do sell successfully to companies far from our facility without problem and have a long list of satisfied clients who have chosen this preferred route. All you have to do is let us know what size/height/type/colour of benches you require together with a list of accessories you might want to fit to the benches. i.e. Upper shelves, lower shelf, power rails, drawers, cupboards, lighting, tool rails, louvre panels, bin rails, special fixtures, etc. We can design benches for you if you feed us with the performance criteria give us an idea of what you want. In turn we'll send you a quotation based on your requirements.

Pallets and Stillages

Similarly, like our benches, our pallets and stillages are made to order basing our designs on information we source from our clients. Our designers and engineering production staff will liase with clients then produce quotations based on these requirements. Before we commence manufacture we prepare comprehensive design drawings showing exactly what we shall build.

From a simple stillage to a specifically designed storage unit, Scotbench is proud of a wealth of experience together with a broad knowledge gained over the years to apply to all steel fabrications for materials handling and storage applications. A range of pallets and stillages is available in a wide variety of capacities while at the same time we offer a comprehensive design service for those goods requiring a bit more thought and attention.

Storing large volume materials effectively is a major problem when you do not use the right system. Bulky building materials will take up valuable floor area in your stores areas, which could otherwise be put to good use. Through careful design we can create for you systems to tackle this particular problem head-on.

A commonly used solution is to fill a warehouse with bay after bay of pallet racking. However, this results in a high volume capacity at the expense of low flexibility. Moving your product can become a multi-stage procedure, possibly requiring additional handling equipment and labour. The ideal arrangement would be to move the product in a single operation from storage area to point-of-use. Some of our products allow you to do this easily and at low cost.

Reusable, multi-use, long lasting steel containers will save money in the long term that would otherwise have been spent on single-use disposable packaging material. They will also reduce your liability for landfill-tax and will almost certainly have some residual value at the end of their useful life. If you need to transport materials from site to site then our collapsable stillages can streamline your transport system considerably. Fully loaded pallets can be demounted and returned empty saving valuable cargo space. This allows greater opportunity for increased throughput of goods without the continual ongoing costs of single-use packaging.

The secure transportation of fragile or sensitive goods has been a constant headache for many of our customers. We have overcome these problems by developing customised flexible transit containers. Incorporating adjustable storage levels, slide-out shelves, protective cladding and good manoeuvrability, this system has proven a winner in the computer manufacturing industry, ceramics and glass manufacturing industry and chemicals industries. Also our products are reusable, returnable and 100% recyclable which is good news for the environment. For more information give us a call and ask about "Flexi-Trans™"

Trucks, Trolleys and Dollies

Versatility and flexibility are two of our watchwords. By offering flexible storage systems, such as a simple trolley but with an element of adjustability incorporated therein, we bring added value to our clients' businesses. We manufacture kitting trolleys with adjustable support angles that allow a wide range of goods to be transported using a single solution. This has proved particularly invaluable within industries where the product changes regularly. It effectively removes any need to change your materials handling system when you move on to a new product. Just ask for "Flexi-Rack™" and "Flexi-Rack Trolleys™". We have had years of experience in making bespoke trolleys for virtually every industry. From platform trucks and dollies to shelf trolleys and cage trolleys. Whether it be industrial, commercial, cleanroom, chemicals, pharmaceutical, or financial institutions we are here to make you a trolley to do the job. Basic trolleys are available if you ask.


Security is a day-to-day concern to companies and industries under the constant threat of theft, pilferage and vandalism. Care and protection is offered to industry by way of our heavy-duty security cages. Our manufacturing capability allows us to manufacture neat transportable cages for handling, moving and storing cash and high value goods. Larger fixed site type security cages might be used for storage of chemicals, bottled gas and high value goods. Occasionally we are asked to provide machine guarding and mesh fences.

Barrier Systems

We have been commissioned a number of times to build steel barriers. Pedestrian and crowd control barriers can be galvanised for external use. Produced in various lengths and styles the temporary barriers are always reasonably lightweight for easy handling but of sufficient mass to be stable in use. Car park barriers and signage can provide passive traffic management solutions and can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and robustness. Sacrificial barriers keep a check on traffic, will not cause heavy damage to vehicles if hit and are designed to be replaced as necessary. We tend to manufacture our heavy-duty barriers with a bit of extra masculinity and they tend to come off best when hit by a vehicle.


All of our products are designed to last. We take our product quality issues very seriously and would welcome any comments about our products constructive or otherwise.

Scotbench is a trading name subsidiary of MGK (Scotland) Ltd.

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