Technical Specification for Lift & Drive Flexilift Series Models 70/110/160/225 kg

Q. What's the maximum load for Lift & Drive Flexilift masts?

Q. How many lift cycles can I make with my Lift & Drive on a single charge?

Q. What's the lifting speed and is it dependent on load?

Q. What's the expected lifetime of the batteries?

Q. Why do the batteries discharge more quickly if I move heavier objects?

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Maximum load for Lift & Drive Flexilift masts.

The following diagrams shows the max allowed load for the different types of masts. Taken into account is how far out (distance from mast) and how much laterally displaced (off-centre) the centre of gravity of the load is placed.

In the example below the load is placed 375 mm forward and 200 mm off-center, the diagram gives a max. allowed load of 48 Kg.

The tare weight of the platform must also be considered.














How many lifts on one charge?


Lift and Drive Flexilift 19000 / 160kg, Powerpack Unit 16 Ah

Load 100 Kg Lifting 1.200m high (e.g benchtop height 0.750m up to shelf height 1.950m)

60% discharge


From speed diagram: At 100Kg - 5m/min, empty - 7 m/min.

From current diagram: At 100Kg - 21A empty - 7A


1.2 / 5 x 21 / 60 = 0.084 Ah

1.2 / 7 x 7 / 60 = 0.020 Ah

Total one stroke: 0.104 Ah


Therefore at 60% discharge: 16 x 0.60 / 0.104 = 92 ...............It can make 92 strokes.


Lifting speed depending on load

Lift & Drive / Flexilift 19000 / 160kg

Expected lifetime of batteries depending on discharge

Current Consumption Depending on Load

Lift & Drive Flexilift 19000 / 160kg