Higher Productivity

Raising and stacking lifts for easy compensation of different heights, convenient handling and transport with operational safety and assistance included. The Lift & Drive offers all of these features.

The mobile battery-operated lifts are built up from an aluminium modular systems according to customer requirements. In spite of their low weight, the units can handle loads of up to 225kg.

Ergonomic design, compact dimensions, adjustable-height operating handles, and a detachable remote control unit enable the Lift & Drive to be manoevred easily, even in tight spaces. Items that usually require two or more people to use them can be raised and transported conveniently and safely with the Lift & Drive - by one person.

Frequent lifting and carrying operations get slower during a working day, with Lift & drive these speeds remain constant.

10 seconds saved every 10 minutes add up to a complete week in the course of a year.

Proper matching of equipment and procedures speeds up your operations.

Lift & Drive is certified as a technical aid and meets the relevant safety requirements.

Lift & Drive can also be accepted by health insurances as an assisting device for disabled persons.

Lift & Drive increases your productivity

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